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Pancom AS

Interactive quarterly report for Pancom AS

What defines a good report is that it is informative and easy to maneuver. Pancom's quarterly report for the fourth quarter of 2023 is a great example of how an interactive PDF can provide clear and concise data while maintaining a user-friendly format.



Decor and foil for NTT's new building

In November, NTT AS moved into a new and modern building at Ytre Helga in Nome. WERA has assisted with design, printing and installation of decor.



What it's like to be an apprentice at INEOS

INEOS, a leading player in the chemical industry, annually takes on around 12 apprentices in chemical process, laboratory, automation, industrial mechanics, and electrical trades. In this movie, we get a unique insight into what it is like to be an apprentice at INEOS Rafnes and INEOS Bamble (INEOS O&P Europe).



Hubriding drives into the future!

Originally created for motorcyclists, this online concept is aimed at travel enthusiasts who want to explore the best Norway has to offer through a range of carefully selected "Hubriding hotels" and day trips. Today, Hubriding also offers routes for drivers, cyclists, paddlers and last but not least, hikers.



Logo and profile revitalization for Bandak

Bandak, with a proud history stretching back to 1938, stepped into the new millennium with an ambitious goal: To revitalize its iconic logo to reflect the company's evolution and innovation.


Pancom Developments

Name and profile for Grønne Enger Business Park

Green Meadows Business Park stands as a symbol of the future, with a name and profile that carries a double promise: a green vision and the lush surroundings in which it sits.


Visit Vinje

New website for Visit Vinje!

Vinje Næringslag wanted to strengthen its online presence to reach more potential visitors and provide a platform for local information and marketing of local businesses.


Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk

Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk gives a creative nod to True Crime fever

During the coronavirus pandemic, society was encouraged to limit the use of public transport as part of the infection control measures. This had a significant impact on Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk, and after the pandemic they experienced a decline in the number of passengers. They wanted to do something about this.



Beach Cleanup at Norner: Together for a cleaner coast

From September 8 to 17, the national Beach Cleanup Week is celebrated. At Norner, they took the initiative to organize their own beach clean-up day by the sea. See how the Norner team worked together to clean up the beach at their office building.


Real Byggteknikk

Decor and signage for new construction engineering consultancy

WERA has designed and installed office decor and signs for Real Byggteknikk, a newly started construction engineering consultancy with offices in Floodmyrvegen.


Coop Southeast

Annual report for 2022

This year, as last year, Wera has been responsible for the design and printing of Coop Sørøst's annual report. Once again, they show that they are among Norway's best retailers.



Love toast but don't have iron? No problem!

Kanda is a family business with a long tradition and history. Their roots go all the way back to the end of the 19th century. In December 1976, the first toast was produced at Kanda. It was named Kanda Wienertoast.


Coop Southeast

Another successful year for one of Norway's largest grocery chains

Coop Sørøst was once again able to report a very good year for the cooperative. This is reflected in last year's annual report. Wera was responsible for design and printing.


Eramet Norway

Focusing on sustainability for Eramet Norway

Eramet Norway, a company that produces manganese alloys, released its annual sustainability report for 2021.


Amundsen Count

Modern office and car décor for Amundsen Graf

Amundsen Graf wanted to upgrade their premises with new decor that would reflect their professional and innovative brand.



Grand Opening event for Norner

The Grand Opening of Norner's new PEC building, and 100 festive employees were treated to a party they will never forget!


Various authors

Local books, printed locally at WERA

We have our own in-house print shop and have set high standards for quality, sharpness and color since 1895. We adapt to different printing needs and formats, and have worked closely with authors.


Topaz of Norway

Content production and publishing for Topaz of Norway

Topaz of Norway is a company that specializes in selling high-quality sealskin shoes with a Nordic design. Based in the heart of Ulefoss, Telemark, the company has a long history of making durable and stylish shoes.


Inflow Control

Illustration for wall decor

A beautiful and visual addition to the premises that represents the company's characteristics and operations.


Eurojuris Telemark

A new era for Grenland's lawyers!

Two of Telemark's best-known law firms join forces. Wera has been responsible for the profile, website and photography.



New website and photo for Safelink

We were contacted by Safelink when they wanted an updated website that could better showcase their products and news. The result was a new website created from scratch with products and news in focus!