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Order form - Part 1

Bosch Car Service Norway

Please fill out the order form with the required information below to register for your new localized Bosch Car Service online platform.

After registration, you will receive an email at a later date with information about the process.

Support package:

BASIC: 60 € per month (6 hours per year)

ADVANCED: 90 € per month (12 hours per year)

PREMIUM: 150 € per month (24 hours per year)

What is included in the support package depends on your needs:

  • Content changes and subpages
  • Service and offer pages
  • Sections on the "About us" page
  • Workshop locations
  • Images and media
  • Keywords (Google ranking/SEO)

*We recommend ADVANCED as a starting point to optimize your website for the best possible visibility on Google.

Bosch Car Service Interest form
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Desired support package
Read the description at the top of this page for more information.