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Wera Vest-Telemark

Your local supplier of print and digital solutions in West Telemark

Einar has been part of the printing and advertising industry for more than three decades. With deep roots in West Telemark, he founded and ran Det Lille Trykkeri AS in Vrådal. Since 1989, he has delivered everything from printed products to decor and signs, and has had the pleasure of serving small businesses across the country, with a special focus on West Telemark.

Einar's passion for the industry and his customers has always driven him to deliver quality products with a personal touch. Now he joins the Wera team, one of Norway's oldest advertising agencies, with a proud history dating back to 1895. He will strengthen the sales team and continue to deliver to old and new customers and to explore new digital opportunities that Wera can offer.

Image by Einar Halvorsen, graphic advisor, WERA

Einar Halvorsen

General Manager / Graphic Advisor

Tiurvegen 4, 3853 Vrådal

You'll find us in the center of Vrådal!