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WERA AS, Telemark's leading advertising, printing and communications company, is entering the new year with a change in management. Kjersti Hole Haatveit and Dag Brekke-Rasmussen are switching places. Dag, who has also previously been CEO of WERA, will now return as CEO. Kjersti Hole Haatveit will be responsible for sales and will thus have the opportunity to work much more actively in the market with customers.

Increased investment and focus on strategic consulting, sales and creativity. New CEO of WERA, Dag Brekke-Rasmussen and Kjersti Hole Haatveit, strategic advisor and sales manager.

- "We have anaggressive strategy for 2024 and are looking forward to rolling up our sleeves with an increased focus on communication, strategic advice and creativity," says Kjersti Hole Haatveit. "I'm now looking forward to being even more active with WERA and the Superlativ team in the Telemark and Vestfold markets. Superlativ in Bø, became part of WERA in 2022.

- Thethis is a strategically important move for WERA which now can focus furtherå sales and the customer journeysays Dag Brekke-Rasmussen. Ghrough our proud 129-year history, transformation has been part of ouråour DNA. We have always always been at the forefront of adopting new technology in both print and agency services.

- Our willingness and ability to adapt allows us to be at the forefront, and to adapt WERA to a a changing market. We are are making the changes to best serve our customers by developing the company furthersays Kjersti Hole Haatveitwho has held the baton as general manager for a few years. She took over from Dag Brekke-Rasmussen in 2018. She will now be strategic advisor and salesmanager in WERA.

- Thisthis will involve a better professional utilization of resources which will release energy and creativity, says incoming general manager of WERA, Dag Brekke-Rasmussen.

History in the walls in the 5th generation

Incoming CEO Dag Brekke-Rasmussen has extensive experience in the industry, and has been with WERA since its inception in 2005. Before that, he was general manager of Oluf Rasmussen AS. As the fifth generation in the family business, he has solid knowledge and extensive experience from the graphics industry, in addition to broad administrative and financial expertise.

- It will be will be exciting to to step into the role of general manager. Wera is today a digital, creative company in rapid development. Vi are now a 360 degree communication house that can offer all services within marketing, print/decorpositioning, branding and branding, digital services, photo/film, HR, consulting and communication. It will be exciting to lead WERA in the years years to come," says Dag Brekke-Rasmussen.

Dag Brekke-Rasmussen will now return as CEO of WERA

Strengthens focus on strategic consulting, sales and creativity

WERA has many good customers in public administration, industry and service sectors that are growing and have a great need for strategic advice, HR and communication. In a market where much is the same, it is important to find the x-factor and help the customer with communication towards their customers and target groups.

- "With her wide network of contacts, solid experience and great commitment, Kjersti Hole Haatveit is the right person to lead the sales work going forward. Her creative expertise in sales, communication and HR is a valuable resource for WERA and our customers," says Dag Brekke-Rasmussen.

Energy and proactivity

- More than ever, it's important to be proactive, adaptablewilling and see opportunities. We want to to offer our customers the best in communication and visibility in a rapidly evolving market. Vur focus will be to refine and further develop good customerrelationships by being a forward-looking, åand flexible partner. With the new organization we take the pulse of the market and we are adapting ourselves once again. We firmly believe that this will free up energy energy, expertise and knowledge for the benefit of our customers.. I look forward to the tasksays Kjersti Hole Haatveit.

Kjersti Hole Haatveit takes on the role of strategic advisor and sales manager.

- We believe that this move will give us increased power and speed. We have many exciting projects that will require a highly motivated organization in the future, with the muscle and guts to deliver more than our customers expect. A rapidly changing market requires us to be on the ball. We will continue to be so for the next 129 years. Because here we take our own medicine; we are willing to adapt, FRAMPÅ, and visible in tough times," concludes Dag Brekke-Rasmussen.