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Latest news

Increased focus on sustainability with renewed Nordic Swan Ecolabel license

WERA has now renewed its Nordic Swan Ecolabel license in line with the stricter requirements for 2024.

Artificial intelligence: A rapidly evolving revolution

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn't just a buzzword in the world of technology; it's a revolutionary force shaping the future of how we live, work, and engage with the world around us. By integrating AI into our workflows, we're putting our customers in the driver's seat of tomorrow's possibilities.

Norner takes B2B seriously!

Norner is a world leader in its field and a major player in the research and development of sustainable products. They are an example of a company that really takes B2B marketing seriously.

That's why you should include paper-based advertising in your marketing!

Svensk Direktreklam (SDR) has delved into research to find out which types of advertising capture the most attention. Studies show that longer exposure time and active consideration affect how well the message is remembered.

WERA shakes up the management team and moves into 2024!

WERA AS, Telemark's leading advertising, printing and communications company, is entering the new year with a change in management. Kjersti Hole Haatveit and Dag Brekke-Rasmussen are switching places. Dag, who has also previously been CEO of WERA, will now return as CEO. Kjersti Hole Haatveit will be responsible for sales and will thus have the opportunity to work much more actively in the market with customers.

WERA wins the tender for the Fens field

WERA is proud to have won the tender to help Nome municipality with the communication work for Fensfeltet.

How low is your digital carbon footprint?

In an age where digital presence is inevitable, the environmental impact of our online activities is becoming an increasingly pressing issue. Often overlooked in the environmental debate, websites are actually significant contributors to global carbon emissions.

WERA strengthens in West Telemark!

Einar Halvorsen takes customers from Det Lille Trykkeri AS in Vrådal to Wera.

Creative summer hibernation in weeks 29 and 30!

Here at Wera, we have our own special season - creative summer hibernation! In weeks 29 and 30, we let our mouse pads, pens and minds rest.

Vacant position as production employee

We are looking for a production employee with a certificate of apprenticeship for our digital print shop.

Exhibition wall in the making for Herøya Industripark!

Industry Week will be the annual meeting place where the industry meets suppliers, politicians and academia, to be inspired and find solutions together to change the world and influence and change the industry in a greener direction.

Five years of successful collaboration with Norner AS!

Norner is a world leader in its field, a significant player in the research and development of sustainable products and solutions where plastics and composites are key factors.

5 tips to become a marketing hero in a chaotic world!

There's little doubt that we've been living in an uncertain world for quite some time. One of the most important things you can do now is not to stop being visible to your customers, but to know how to do it. WERA wants you to be prepared. That's why we've pulled out five tips to help you navigate through challenging times.

Sustainability on four wheels!

Say Hi! to our new company car: All-electric Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo. We're Buzz'ing our way into the future with even greater emphasis on sustainability and environmental awareness.

Annual reports: Why they are so important for your business

There's no doubt that annual reports are an important part of any business. They provide an overview of the company's performance and financial position over the past year, and give an important indication of the future.

New requirements for universal design.
You should think about this!

Universal design of websites means creating websites that are accessible and user-friendly for everyone, regardless of disability. It is an important part of an inclusive design practice that ensures all users have access to online information and services.

"You must leave - tomorrow there will be war"

Dima who fled Ukraine the day before the war broke out

WERA + Superlativ = TRUE

Wera acquires the shares in Superlativ Media AS, which continues its operations in Bø, Seljord and Ulefoss.

Driven, skilled designer joins Wera

Bendik Haug Jacobsson joined the team at the beginning of October and has already proven to be a very good addition to the Wera team.