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Norner is a world leader in its field, a significant player in the research and development of sustainable products and solutions where plastics and composites are key factors.

Graphic design, digital consultancy and concept development

With 100 employees of 17 nationalities - and with the world as its home market - Norner is an exciting, innovative and forward-looking company. With digital designer Bendik Haug Jacobsson as a seconded resource, Wera has assisted Norner for the past five years with graphic design, digital consulting and concept development.

- Wera has been an important marketing partner for us at Norner for the past five years. They have been a great resource for us when it comes to our marketing - both internally and externally. We are very pleased with both their efforts and the ability to communicate and deliver quickly and efficiently. We look forward to continuing to work with Wera in the future," says Ole Jan Myhre, Market Manager at Norner.

- We are proud to have Norner as a valuable customer, and are eager to continue delivering high-quality graphic design, digital consulting and concept development to Norner. Wera looks forward to many exciting projects together with Norner in the future!" says Kjersti Hole Haatveit, CEO of Wera.

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