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In an age where digital presence is inevitable, the environmental impact of our online activities is becoming an increasingly pressing issue. Often overlooked in the environmental debate, websites are actually significant contributors to global carbon emissions.

Currently, online activity produces approximately 3.7% of global carbon emissions, and these emissions are increasing as our demand for online content grows (Source: https://sustainablewebdesign.org/)

Every time a web page is loaded, data is transferred that requires energy - often produced from sources that generate CO2. This carbon footprint has long been a hidden cost of our digital lifestyle. In a world that is constantly seeking sustainable solutions, the focus on the environmental impact of websites has increased.

Wera has taken a significant step towards environmental friendliness by developing a sustainable website that has achieved a Class A+ rating in carbon footprint, according to the Website Carbon Calculator. This means that our website is 94 percent cleaner than any website in the world! For every visitor, only 0.06 grams of CO2 is produced, a remarkably low figure in the digital world.

How did we achieve this?

Optimized content: By using modern image formats such as WEBP and AVIF, avoiding unnecessary videos and GIF animations and good cache management policies, we have reduced the amount of data that needs to be downloaded by visitors.

Energy-efficient hosting: We use ServeTheWorld as our hosting solution with a data center in Norway that is powered by renewable energy, which significantly reduces the CO2 emissions associated with data storage and processing.

Green coding: Our website infrastructure is designed with efficiency in mind, which means less server power and therefore lower carbon emissions.

Good interaction design: By reducing the number of clicks for the user to find the desired content, we also contribute to the reduction of loaded content.

Why is this important?

Your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint are not only an environmental issue, but also a matter of corporate responsibility and future sustainability. By taking these steps, you show that it's possible to have a strong digital presence while taking care of our planet.

What's the plan going forward?

At Wera, we have been committed to sustainability for more than 18 years, and we will continue to develop sustainable online solutions for all our customers in the future. We strive to deliver products with high quality and, not least, a clear conscience.

We help you reduce your digital carbon footprint!