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Originally created for motorcyclists, this online concept is aimed at travel enthusiasts who want to explore the best Norway has to offer through a range of carefully selected "Hubriding hotels" and day trips. Today, Hubriding also offers routes for drivers, cyclists, paddlers and last but not least, hikers.

Hubriding's previous solution was built with static content, meaning that all content that needed to be added, removed and edited was done manually for every single page where that content was located. This became challenging to operate as the network of hotels and routes grew. The capacity eventually became too large for the solution of the time. This led Straand to seek help from Wera for a more scalable and dynamic solution.

To make the solution scalable and dynamic, we had to rebuild the entire website from scratch. With a completely new structure and information architecture as a starting point, we developed customized functions with PHP that were adapted to the needs of the solution.

New templates were designed to handle the dynamic content. A large part of the work was to convert the existing content from the old solution, but with the new publishing solution this went smoothly. We also made it possible for the hotels themselves to easily manage their own landing page and routes, which was not possible before.

In addition, we developed an analytics tool that hotels can use to gain insight into user traffic on their routes, so they can identify areas for improvement.

Image of Hubriding_Analysis tool

Please note that the information in the image example above has been edited to preserve confidentiality.

In this example of the analysis tool, you can see a selection of 20 routes sorted by last visit. In addition to this, the user also has the option to sort by County, Vehicle and Number of visits.

The user also has a simple overview of statistics that are automatically calculated based on the number of visits relative to the total number of visits to all routes. This results in a separate column for Visits % that shows a percentage of how many visits the route has in relation to all the others. The values in the Popularity column are calculated through an algorithm that will give greater rewards for visits to routes with a low number of visits compared to a popular route.

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