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Topaz of Norway is a company that specializes in selling high-quality sealskin shoes with a Nordic design. Based in the heart of Ulefoss, Telemark, the company has a long history of making durable and stylish shoes.

With the aim of increasing brand awareness in social media

To help promote their products and increase brand awareness, Topaz of Norway turned to WERA for content production and publishing assistance.

Targeted content strategy

WERA was commissioned to create a range of content, including product images and videos, social media posts and newsletters, to showcase the unique features and benefits of Topaz of Norway. We developed a content strategy to ensure that the content was published at the right time and that there was a common thread throughout all the content produced and published.

Reflecting quality

WERA wanted to create content that would reflect the high quality and craftsmanship of Topaz of Norway's products, while giving the content a strong Nordic feel.

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