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A beautiful and visual addition to the premises that represents the company's characteristics and operations.

"We have an 11 meter long white wall in the office. Fill it with something cool!"

Inflow Control AS had an 11 meter long wall in their new premises that they wanted to decorate with something visual. The wall was to contain something eye-catching that could represent their work and properties.

From blank white wall to cheetah in the Arctic

In the brief we received from Inflow Control, there was a desire to use an animal to represent their characteristics. The cheetah was a natural choice, with its speed, strength and adaptability. The cheetah was placed in an environment that visualizes Inflow Control's work - the oil industry. We were sent a keyword list of Arctic regions, oil platforms and the North Sea.

A great visual addition to the premises

The result was a cheetah with what was named "Inflow body" that jumps from a tropical habitat to an Arctic habitat. Between the habitats lies the North Sea, and in the distance an oil platform can be seen.

Image of graphic wall at Inflow_made by Wera AS
Image by Inflow-gepard_Graphic design and decoration by Wera_Changing the Oil Industry

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