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During the coronavirus pandemic, society was encouraged to limit the use of public transport as part of the infection control measures. This had a significant impact on Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk, and after the pandemic they experienced a decline in the number of passengers. They wanted to do something about this.


Vestfold Kollektivtrafikk (VKT), the public transport and mobility section of Vestfold and Telemark County Council, is responsible for local public transport in Vestfold. VKT's goal is to provide efficient and reliable transportation solutions to the local population and school pupils in Vestfold.

The challenge

VKT therefore needed a campaign that could creatively remind people of the public transport service, while welcoming back both new and former passengers.

Idea phases

We had a goal to create a film that would grab attention and avoid looking like a regular public transportation commercial. With a focus on passengers who no longer use the buses, as well as the growing popularity of Netflix's True Crime documentaries, the idea of passengers disappearing was quickly considered a suitable approach.

The solution

The solution involved building on the idea of the 'missing passengers', where the bus driver misses his passengers so much that it becomes a mystery. This concept was presented through a mockumentary in typical Netflix style, with actress Solveig Laland Mohn portraying a conscientious and somewhat lonely bus driver longing for her passengers. The film played on clichés familiar from Netflix documentaries, both in narrative technique and the execution of interview sequences.

The film was created in collaboration with Sagveien Resort and director and screenwriter Jesper Eriksen Sundnes, known from successes such as "Sigurd Fåkke Pult", "Fanthomas" and "Kielergata". Wera was responsible for concept, photography, lighting, sound and editing, and together we created an engaging story that would capture the attention of the audience.

Image of how we used the Netflix logo as inspiration, Wera film
Poster of the film "Passengers who disappeared" for Vestfold Kollektivtransport, film produced by WERA

Tools and advertising

The main element of the campaign was a 3-minute long main film, which was then cut down to different lengths and formats to suit different platforms. The film was shown at all cinemas in Vestfold and was distributed through channels such as Amedia, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. As a supplement to the film, a radio spot was also produced with actor Bjørn Myrene, known from productions such as "Vikingane", "Innebandykrigerne" and "Familien Lykke".

Main movie

Short version

Social media advertising

Radio spot

The result

The campaign experienced good results and reached the target group well. In Amedia's channels, the campaigns had a very good CTR of 0.89% and 6,083 clicks, with 95,328 unique people seeing the ads. CTR on top scroll in isolation is 1.72%. In Amedia, the campaign received a total of 685,730 impressions in Vestfold and Telemark, as well as Viken.

The campaign was also run on Meta, Snapchat, Google and YouTube. In these channels, the campaign received a total of 723,021 views and 8,000 clicks. The campaign experienced a very good response in Meta, with a CTR of 5.32%.

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