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Two of Telemark's best-known law firms join forces. Wera has been responsible for the profile, website and photography.


The law firm Frøstrup Løitegaard and Advokatene Skien approached Wera with a request for a new website that would represent them under their new name. Their wish was a clean and clear site that would communicate their professional weight. At the same time, they wanted to ensure publicity and awareness of the merger and name change.


As a starting point for the visuals, we used the Eurojuris chain's profile as a basis, where the logo and color were set. The website was based on a clean expression with a focus on user-friendliness and the people at Eurojuris Telemark.

Image of the front page of Eurojuris Telemark_Developed by WERA
Picture of the people at Eurojuris Telemark_Website developed by WERA
Image of the Eurojuris Telemark website_website_people_JohanCV

Images that exude competence, experience and professionalism

Wera also photographed portraits and environmental images in connection with the merger.


The aim of the launch was to communicate a new major investment in the advisor lawyer industry in Telemark, but at the same time show that these are the same people, but with a greater professional weight with Eurojuris behind them. Eurojuris Telemark will be the first merger of two firms to join the Eurojuris chain. The merger was marketed through Amedia, Schibsted and Facebook platforms. The campaign delivered good engagement with 553,057 impressions, 1,953 clicks and an average click-through rate of 0.35% in Amedia. In Schibsted, the campaign experienced 800 link clicks.

Images of ads for the launch of Eurojuris Telemark_made by WERA

What does Eurojuris Telemark think?

"It has been a pleasure to work with Wera. Young, skilled developers who provide good service and deliver on time. Highly recommended!"
Image by Johan Frøstrup

Johan Henrik Frøstrup

Lawyer, Eurojuris Telemark

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