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The Grand Opening of Norner's new PEC building, and 100 festive employees were treated to a party they will never forget!

With plenty of help from local theater heroes

Grenland Friteater set the tone at the opening, where a 50-strong choir performed a specially composed Norner song. Attendees were treated to an evening of surprises and cultural elements.

A successful event

Wera was responsible for rigging, implementing the program, coordinating food and drinks and ensuring that the grand opening went smoothly.

Printed matter

Wera also supplied a wide range of printed materials for Norner's Grand Opening party. These included invitations, pins representing teams, roll-ups with information and questions, diplomas and table decorations.

Image of roll-ups for Norner; WERA
"On behalf of our own event committee + 90 others in Norner, I would like to thank you for a fantastic event! Absolutely everyone at Norner was over the moon with excitement. On Monday, 90 happy employees will come to work who have experienced an opening party that has been the best experience we have had together regardless of time and place. This was great fun, professionally executed, and we've also gotten to know each other much better."
Photo by Kjetil Larsen, CEO Norner AS, WERA

Kjetil Larsen

CEO, Norner AS

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