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DLT catalog

Motif card / Gift card / Condolence card

Logo printing at no extra charge

If you want your own logo printed on the back of the cards, it is possible and completely free of charge. The price per card is NOK 3.75 and a complete stand with 480 cards (24 types x 20 pcs.) costs only NOK 1.800,- Normal retail price per card is from NOK 15,- to NOK 20,-.

Use your own images

Want to use your own images? No problem! Then you get your very own exclusive card series! The price is the same per card, you only pay for the setup for the first production (NOK 100,- per motif). The cards will have the same article number as the name you have given the image file you send us, so it will be easy for you to find the desired card when supplementing.