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WERA has now renewed its Nordic Swan Ecolabel license in line with the stricter requirements for 2024.

Nordic Swan Ecolabeled printers and printed matter reduce their environmental impact by meeting requirements for printing materials, chemicals and energy consumption.

They focus on reducing the overall climate and environmental impact of both the printing company and the printed matter and on promoting a good working environment, including through requirements for printing materials, chemicals and energy consumption. Requirements that ensure that printed matter is suitable for reuse help to reduce resource consumption and waste volumes, while also promoting circular economy.

Source: svanemerket.no

WERA uses local paper and materials, we have a low consumption of chemicals, use less energy and produce less waste. This is important to us, because we want to make sure that what we make can be reused and that we do not harm nature.

We will continue to find new ways of doing things that are even better for the environment. We believe that by working this way, we can continue to make great products while taking care of our planet.