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Norner is a world leader in its field and a major player in the research and development of sustainable products. They are an example of a company that really takes B2B marketing seriously.

With an innovative approach to communication and marketing, Norner manages to connect sustainability and business development in a way that not only promotes their own products and services, but also elevates the entire industry in which they operate.

Over the past six years, we've been lucky enough to work with Norner, and we've covered a wide range of areas - from B2B campaigns, both digital and print, to HR projects and culture building!


With digital designer Bendik as a seconded resource, we have assisted Norner with graphic design, digital consultancy and concept development for the past six years.

Through a value process involving all employees, we worked with Norner to develop a plan and activities for working with the four values. 

A small selection of print materials for Norner in 2023

We look forward to continuing to innovate and grow with the great people at Norner!

Need help with digital and print campaigns or HR projects?