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WERA is proud to have won the tender to help Nome municipality with the communication work for Fensfeltet.

Fensfeltet is more than just a place - it is a source of future technology and an important part of Europe's green transition. Our approach will be to use our expertise and experience in design, strategy, content and print to create a vibrant communication about Fensfeltet and the opportunities in Nome municipality.

The contract is signed. From left: Kine Lundefaret from Superlativ, Kirsti Arvesen Nesheim from Nome municipality, Solveig Iren Kleveland from WERA, Kurt Inge Dale from Dale Media AS

We believe in the power of community engagement. Therefore, we will work closely with the citizens of Nome to ensure that their voices and stories become part of the narrative. Through creative campaigns, digital strategies and social media, we will work to put Fensfeltet on the map, both nationally and internationally.

The team: From left: Kurt Inge Dale, Kine Lunderfaret, Henrik Møane, Solveig Iren Kleveland

We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey and creating a bright future for Nome municipality and Fensfeltet!