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Fens days 2024

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Welcome to Fens days 2024, April 16-18, Ulefoss in Nome municipality.

Finally, Fens days 2024!

Fensdagene is a meeting place for citizens, politicians, companies and public authorities. Here we talk together about Europe's most exciting mineral deposit with many interesting participants. Among others: Anniken Hauglie, director of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), Truls Gulowsen (head of the Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation), Sven Dahlgren (regional geologist), Anne Marit Bjørnflaten (state secretary), and of course our own: Kirsti Arvesen Nesheim (head of the Fens Process) and Linda Thorstensen (mayor) and many more.

What's new from the companies, the municipality, the county and the state? Will there be a mine, and what can we in Nome expect?

The event is free of charge.

See you at the Fens days!

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Tuesday, April 16

Prelude to the day
09:00Registration, coffee, biteti 
09:30Welcome to Tuesday's daily program. Practical information.Presenter: Trygve Ulset
Senior advisor NHO, sustainability
09:35Welcome to Nome and Fensfeltet.
Nome wants national commitment, challenge to the government.
Linda Thorstensen
Mayor Nome, A
Bolk 1: Norway's mineral strategy - what next?
09:45Fensfeltet and the green shift - skills for the futureÅslaug Sem Jacobsen
Stortinget, SP
10:05What can the Storting gather on the Fens field, across political divides?Mahmoud Fahramand
Member of the Finance Committee, H
10:35Break with coffee and bites. 
10:50Climate globally and nature locally?
Where will the minerals for the green shift come from?
Truls Gulowsen
11:15What does DMF think about the assignment they have been given?
Fast track, one-stop-shop and green mineral park - the Directorate's role in the mineral strategy.
Unni Garberg
Special advisor, Directorate for Mineral Management
11:40How can we facilitate value chains in Norway?
The importance of minerals for companies - growth and life in rural and urban areas.
Anniken Hauglie
12:00Lunch and mingling. 
Bolk 2: Green mineral park
13:00What's happening? Status from the licensees active on the Fens field.

Thor Bendik Weider
REE Minerals AS

Alf Reistad
Rare Earth Norway AS

Albert Aasbø
Thorium Norway AS

14:00Break with coffee and bites. 
14:15What are the challenges and what is needed to ensure good development?
Sofa conversation about keys and pitfalls.
Hans Kristian Lahus in conversation with Åslaug Sem Jacobsen, Truls Gulowsen and Anniken Hauglie
14:45What will Nome look like in 20 years?
How does Nome municipality respond to the government's mineral strategy?
Green mineral park in Nome.

Kirsti Arvesen Nesheim
Nome municipality

Youth Council in Nome
Nome municipality

15:15Minerals in a regional context - value chains in Telemark. The county municipality summarizes the day.Sven Tore Løkslid
County Mayor, Telemark County Council
15:30In summary, did Nome answer the challenge?Linda Thorstensen
Mayor of Nome, A
16:00End of Tuesday's daily program.
17:00Mingle dinner with cultural flavors, kr. 800,- per participant. Maximum 50 seats.

Wednesday, April 17

Prelude to the day
09:00Registration, coffee, biteti. 
09:30Welcome to Wednesday's daily program.Presenter: Trygve Ulset
Senior advisor NHO, sustainability
Bolk 3: Energy
09:35Energy in Telemark - what now for the industry in the area?Terje Riis Johansen
Telemark County Council
10:00Power grid capacity - what does it take to realize a green mineral park in Nome?

Ellen Strøm Juliussen
Manager - Head of development and planning

Sigrid Lauvik Lyngdal
Manager - Power system investigator

10:25Government policy for the development of
critical mineral projects.
Tore Sandvik
State Secretary, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries
10:45Break with coffee and bites. 
Bolk 4: Thorium
11:00Is the Fens field a radioactive pool? Radioactivity, gamma radiation and radon in the Fens field.Sven Dahlgren
County geologist, Telemark
County Council
11:30The last mine in Nome closed in 1965, after which mining waste has been a headache for the municipality and the state. What happens to the Søve waste?Tore Ramsøy
Project Manager Søve mines / Research Manager Radiation Protection and Physics, Department of Energy Technology
11:45How do we deal with thorium in the Fens field? Advice and input from the professional community.Yevgenia Tomkiv
12:00Lunch and mingling. 
Unit 5: Minerals and the framework in Norway
13:00The mineral industry in Norway.Are Tomasgard
LO secretary
13:20Challenges and solutions related to the circular economy.Einar Bratteng
Advokatfirmaet Berngaard
13:40This is how we boost the mineral industry.Anita Hall
Secretary General of the Norwegian
Mining Industry
14:00Break with coffee and bites. 
Unit 6: Ripple effects and consequences
14:15Lessons learned from Google's establishment in Skien.Monika Lønnebakke
Business Manager, Skien Municipality
14:35The EU has provided funding for the project Reesource: Unlocking the supply of rare earth elements in Europe through responsible, sustainable and decarbonized innovative technologies.Carlos Escudero
Head of department and project manager,
Department of Energy Technology (IFE)
14:45Project SUPREEMO(SUstainableEuroPean Rare Earth Elementsproduction value chain from PriMary Ores) is funded with EUR 7 million from the EU's Horizon Europe program.Arne P. Ratvik
Project manager SINTEF
14:55MIN (Mineraler i Nome) think tank - the local business community, their interests, contributions and thoughts on green mineral park.Pål Kleffelgård
Head of Midt-Telemark and Nome Utvikling AS
15:10The Sustainability Council has been working on what is important to people in Nome. What is their advice to the municipality and stakeholders about the green mineral park?Kirsti Arvesen Nesheim
Head of Fenssprocessen and
municipal planning

Fens days 2024 - the professional days are coming to an end. What will we take with us? Questions and answers from the audience.

Thank you for this year and welcome back in 2025.

Rune Engehult
Municipal Director, Nome MunicipalityFridBerge
Municipal Manager, Nome Municipality
16:00End of Wednesday's daily program. 
Prelude to the evening
16:30 Dinner at Øvre Verket, kr. 700,- per participant.
18:00Welcome to the Wednesday evening program.
Bolk 7: The fine line for development throughout Nome
18:05What's happening?
Short info from all licensees.

REE Minerals

Rare Earth Norway

Thorium Norway

PTR exploration

REE Mining AS

18:35What do extraction rights mean for landowners?Kjetil Vangen
Section Manager Mineral Extraction
Directorate for Mineral Management
18:50Extraction of the state's minerals from a landowner perspective.
In particular, the landowner's rights vis-à-vis the licensees of extraction rights.
Kjersti Schiøtz Thorud
Lawyer MNA/Partner Tenden Advokatfirma ANS

People in Nome:

  • What is the sustainability advice of the municipality and business stakeholders on green mineral park?
  • What are children and young people's input and advice for the future?
19:35What does the municipality do?
Where can you as a citizen be heard?
Info from Nome municipality.
Kirsti Arvesen Nesheim
Head of Fenssprocessen and municipal planning
20:00End of Wednesday evening program. 

Thursday, April 18

Children's Fens days

Daytime, 09:00 - 13:30
Ungdommens Fensdag - for secondary school students at Holla and Lunde 10-year-old schools

The hunt for Fensfeltet
Ulefoss community center

Evening hours, 18:00-20:00
At Nome Vgs. dept. Søve:

  • "Into the volcano"
  • Activities and exhibition
  • Robot programming
  • Acid testing of stone
  • Magnetism
  • Folk workshop
  • Creator workshop
  • Simulators

Fensfeltet guided tour for children and young people.

Fensfeltet guided tour.

The canteen is open and it will be possible to buy dinner and other refreshments.

These arrange:
Nome municipality
Nome VGS
Gea Norvegica UNESCO Geopark
You World Science Center
Telemark County Council
University of Southeastern Norway
Rare Earth Norway AS

Fens days 2024

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