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For over 70 years, Bergsli has been a key player in the supply of production machinery and parts to industry in Norway. We had the pleasure of working with Bergsli to revitalize their brand identity.

About Bergsli

Their story began with three brothers - Finn, Leif and Odd Bergsli - who shared a vision to establish their own company to meet the growing demand for industrial equipment. With simple means, a dormitory as an office and a bicycle as a means of transportation, they started their journey. Their passion, combined with an ability to network and innovate, led to the establishment of Bergsli AS, which was later divided into three separate entities: Bergsli Metallmaskiner, Bergsli Treteknikk and Bergsli Hantek.


We had the pleasure of working with Bergsli to revitalize their brand identity and website. The brief was clear: modernize the visual identity to reflect today's demands for timeliness, quality and visibility. Through fine-tuning and small but deliberate choices, we created an updated look that respects Bergsli's rich history and identity. The new profile is recognizable to current customers while appealing to future customers and target groups.

Image of logos for Bergsli
Image of logos for Bergsli

It was important for us to create a coherent identity that brings together all three of Bergsli's units, while at the same time giving each of them the opportunity to show individuality through color use and logo variations.

Image of logos for Bergsli
Image of profile material for Bergsli


For Bergsli Metallmaskiner, we have developed an advanced product archive that dynamically adapts the content based on the user's choices, such as product type or supplier. This ensures that users are always presented with relevant and customized content. To further improve functionality, we have integrated an AJAX filtering system. This system allows users to search and filter products with lightning-fast response time, without the need to reload the page, providing a seamless user experience.

Image of website filtering system for Bergsli

We have placed great emphasis on simplicity in publishing and editing content. The platform enables Bergsli Metallmaskiner to manage articles, products and suppliers intuitively. It includes user-friendly interfaces to add, update and modify content without the need for technical expertise. Customized PHP code powers large parts of the solution, enabling complex logical operations and automating processes, ensuring efficient and user-friendly operations.

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