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The management of the municipality visited the company to discuss important topics and get to know us in the local business community.

Mayor Janicke Andreassen led the delegation, which included deputy mayor Stine Stamland, communications advisor Hege Schjøth Øverås, business manager Øyvind Solbakken and acting councilor Per Sortedal.

From left. Dag Brekke-Rasmussen, Per Sortedal, Hege Schjøth Øverås, Øyvind Solbakken, Janicke Andreassen, Stine Stamland, Kjersti Hole Haatveit

Porsgrunn municipality wants to take the pulse of the business community and gain a better understanding of how the municipality can support and develop the local business community. The discussions covered a range of exciting topics, such as urban development, business policy, communication work and artificial intelligence. The municipality has an ambitious agenda for the future and company visits are an important part of the municipality's strategy to promote dialog and collaboration with the local community.

We thank Mayor Janicke Andreassen and the rest of the delegation for an inspiring visit, and look forward to further collaboration to build a stronger and more robust business community in the municipality!